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New Data Sheds Light on the Health of Baltimore City's Urban Tree Canopy

A survey commissioned by the Baltimore City Recreation and Parks Department identified every tree on public property, determining its health and other critical metrics that will allow city foresters to better manage our urban tree canopy for years to come.

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About Us

Since 1943, the Maryland Department of Natural Resources has overseen Forest Conservancy District Boards, referred to as Forestry Boards, in every county and Baltimore City.

The Baltimore City Forestry Board is composed of individuals who serve voluntarily to promote and nurture the expansion of the urban canopy so as to improve the health and welfare of Baltimore’s residents. Members are formally appointed by the Director of the Maryland DNR-Forest Service on the recommendation of the chairman and members of the Board in consultation with our local DNR forester.

The Baltimore City Forestry Board held its first meeting in June 1987.

We champion stronger protections for city trees and listen to our neighbors’ concerns to ensure the best forest management practices and policies are being adopted.

We partner with like-minded groups to organize and publicize forestry-related educational activities, workshops, and events for city residents.

We work closely with the Baltimore City Department of Recreation and Parks to promote and facilitate tree plantings across city parks and on school grounds.

"Every $1 invested in urban trees results in $2 to $4 in benefits, including lowered energy costs, reduced storm water flows, improved aesthetics, higher air quality and reduced carbon dioxide concentrations."

– U.S.  Forest Service (via American Forests)

"A single front yard tree can intercept 760 gallons of rainwater in its crown, reducing runoff and flooding on your property."

– U.S. Department of Agriculture, U.S. Forest Service (via American Forests)

"Just three large trees around your home - two on the west side and one on the east - can provide enough shade to reduce your air conditioning costs by 30% in the summer."

– Journal of Arboriculture (via American Forests)

"Nationally, urban forests are estimated to contain about 3.8 billion trees, with a structural asset value of $2.4 trillion, which doesn’t include other ecosystem service benefits."

– U.S. Forest Service (via American Forests)

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